How To Do eCommerce Like LINGERIES in Singapore

September 22, 2018

How To Do eCommerce Like LINGERIES in Singapore

According to the Strait Times News, 30% of retail business has dropped in Orchard in the last year 2017 due the consumers are buying products online instead of “wasting time” in the outlets.

Many people are using eCommerce to selling products because it’s easy and rental fees free. eCommerce shop like Lingerie Singapore and shoes Singapore has started to sell lingerie online since 2011. However, without the online platform support like Lazada and Qoo10, the sales volume is quite low.

To Do eCommerce in Singapore, Website is not Necessary

The only thing which need understand is to open the shop in Lazada and Qoo10. Selling products online is not like those amateur trainers said just follow steps 1, 2, 3. Actually they are earning money by providing courses not selling products.

To do eCommerce on Qoo10 and Lazada, Supply Chain Management knowledge is necessary. That’s not the beginning of Qoo10 and Lazada launched. Tons of sellers from China also selling products on the platform. They are manufacturing products, and shipping cost is same as Singapore. They can provide the low price which local Singapore sellers cannot provided. Fresh Singapore sellers are trying to use those “step 1, 2, 3” to sell products will 100% lost money.

The requiring startup capital need almost 500K SGD due the Supply Chain Management. Seller need order large number of products in order to reduce the unit cost. A student from NUS have wrote a letter to WOOF to says he need a factory to make his own design of bracelet for 1000 pieces. WOOF told him, the minimal quota for his design in China is 50,000 piece for one design.

Many young man never work in the industrial area jobs so don’t understand why the minimal quota is so big. The answer is why many factories are moved out Singapore. Cost control is key for the manufacture.

Free to open a shop, but need pay to learn how to earn money by eCommerce.

Do Not Join Those Courses From Lazada and Qoo10 Amateur Sellers

He may show he earned money by selling some watches, but you cannot get the same watches.

We do find some courses are just holding by those wholesalers. They teach courses and offering you as a retailer. The products may have problems, because we do find some of brand products are fake.

Those people can earn money have two important factor

  1. Startup Capital over 500K SGD
  2. Already have loyal customers, which knew as Distribution Channels.

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